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Hearing is believing


On this page are just some of the 150+ bands we've worked with since 2005.

 Listen to the results yourself on our JUKEBOX, and visit the bands' websites and social media pages to find out more.

(You'll need to scroll down a lot to read this page.....)

Dog is Dead

Describing themselves as 'Louis Armstrong lost in disco', Dog is Dead are truly unique. Their music is 'an original blend of harmonious, indie-pop in the disco, with a cheeky jazz hint'.

We're proud to have worked with them to create that sound - which has helped the band secure slots at such major events as Glastonbury and Nottingham's own Splendour Festival.

Check them out on our jukebox, or pop over to their Myspace page.

Lux Lisbon


"Lux Lisbon are damn fine....they are quickly becoming favourites here" - BBC 6 Music

Lux Lisbon have recorded with us for years, and first (proper) album 'Your heart is a weapon the size of a fist' was done here.

Described elsewhere as having 'sweeping, cinematic, cavernous indie-rock with more hooks than a fishermans' convention', the band have gone from strength to strength after moving collectively from Nottingham University to London to seek fame and fortune. We've been with them every step of the way.

Listen to Lux Lisbon on our jukebox, or for more visit their website or join them on Facebook

"Arcade Fire with everything plus the kitchen sink thrown in meets U2 on the right/wrong drugs" - Dublin Castle



The four Staszkiewicz brothers have been working with us since 2006. In that time they've been recognised by the readers of Rocksound magazine as the best new act of 2009, and came 10th in the 'best single' category for Predator 3 - of course recorded at Random and produced by Guy Elderfield.

 2012 album 'Into the Sea' saw a new, Weezer-influenced direction, and an amazing reaction from fans - not least supporting Electric 6 across Britain and Europe. Their boisterous technicoloured indie-punk shows have helped the brothers gain a healthy amount of support and critical acclaim from both the British public, radio and music press.

"Sounds like they've been genetically enhanced with a blend of teen spirit, caffeine and zombie juice" - BBC.co.uk

The Swiines


"Not since the Arctic Monkeys have the indie crowd taken to a band like they have The Swiines....."

OK, so we've never really understood the double i thing, but we know a great sounding band when we hear one.

Born from the ashes of The Arcane and The Bets (both also Random alumni), The Swiines have released a series of great singles and become a top live band. Check them out on film here and hear them over on Myspace - and while you're at it why not join their Facebook page?

Hip Priests

Hip Priests

"An awesome, gloriously tangled mess of Rampantly sexual, Souped up, Lubed up, Fucked up, High action, Hot Assed Anthemic Sweat Sodden Rock 'n' Roll. A sweet 'n sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin, druggin and fuckin'......" - Sonicdirt.co.uk

What more is there to say about such a glorious, insane racket? Best thing is to just give them a listen......

"The Hip Priests are without doubt the best UK band I've seen playing this type of garage punk shit in a long time." - uberrock.co.uk

Also starring....

Huw Costin

Huw's debut solo album 'Regrets' had the critics falling over themselves in praise - and quite right too, because it's wonderful. Inspired by Buckley, Cash, Drake, Cope and Kilmister, Costin writes Songs for the mystified and heartbroken.

Visit Huw's Facebook page to hear some of the most beautiful songs ever written.

“…It's like the third Big Star album mixed with The Stone Roses. Its an album – I can’t choose one track…it’ll make you cry…” -NME

“Huw Costin plies his trade in stark, sparse, acoustic melancholy… an honest, intelligent and talented songwriter" -TASTY FANZINE


The Ocean Bottom Nightmare boys dredged up their debut (and in our opinion best) EP 'We are Serious' with us. It's LOUD. have a listen to 'Defiling Apep with the left foot' on our jukebox - or why not download it for free?

"Fast, furious and seriously heavy, with all three members having a go at shrieking themselves hoarse..." - Nottsunsigned.co.uk

The Kull�

"A raw, breathless mind-melt of pure adrenaline, their sound being a massive fully formed wall of densely packed power." - debut album 'Transference' was done with us. Check out the video for single '18 times again'.

Thousands of Reflections

A highly inventive band, mixing haunting quiet with skyscraperingly loud highs. Download the recorded at Random 'Sawhooks and chains' and Call me Ishmael' here and find out more about ToR at their website.

"Awesome riffing gives way to angelic vocals, full of post-hardcore juxtapositions and some inspired melodies - give this Nottingham band your attention and you’ll be bowled over by their invention and potency!" subba-cultcha.com

Amusement Parks on Fire

APOF holed up in Random for most of December 2005 and January 2006 recording their 2nd album for V2 records, to add to the EP that was completed here in Autumn 2005.

They then swapped the atmosphere of Random for the tranquillity and
seclusion of Sigur Ros' studio in Iceland to finish the mix for what is a much anticipated and highly likely to be massive album.

Cold Light of Day

Nottingham 'supergroup' featuring our very own Huw Costin. Check them out here

And did we mention RonikaFistsSwimmingPilgrim Fathers,The RecoveryCuban CrimewaveO Lovely Lie and a bunch of others?