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Hearing is believing

Our prices

Amazing value and no hidden surprises

DiD kit and gear

Come for a day and pay £175.

Come for a few days and we'll give you a discount. 

If you want to make an album, then we'll doyou a deal – just talk to us about what you have in mind. and we'll work it all out

That’s it – simple. No hidden costs, so extras for this, that and the other.

Unlike other studios, we don't charge by the hour. A day is typlically 10ish until 8ish, but it all depends on the project. And we don’t charge you extra for burning you a CD, or anything like that.

Plus there's free tea and coffee, loads of DVDs and a bunch of games consoles. You won't get bored waiting for your drummer to get it right....

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Find out more, ask for a quote or a tour or anything else: Call 0115 986 9224 or 07985 215955. Or fill out our short form.  

Terms and conditions

When you make a booking, you also agree to our very simple terms and conditions. They are there to protect you and us. We strongly recommend you read them before booking with us.