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Hearing is believing


At Random we're building up a list of gear that musicians actually want to use. Some of it is listed here:

control room centre

Apple Mac Pro with twin 23” monitors

Logic Pro software, plus all the plugins you need
MOTU 2408 interface

Focusrite ISA430 preamp

TLAudio 5051 valve preamp with tasty valves!

TLAudio 3051 Preamp

Focusrite Octopre preamp/comp with ADAT board
Focusrite Octopre LE

Joe Meek VC6Q Preamp

Telefunken V672 vintage preamp

Altec 1566a Vintage 1968 Valve Preamp

Yamaha 01v mixing desk (headphone mixer for up to five separate feeds)
Genelec 1029a monitor speakers
Yamaha NS10 monitor speakers
B+W monitor speakers
Samson monitor amplifier
Emagic MT4 midi interface

Mesa Boogie Studio 22 combo amp

Mesa Boogie DC3 combo amp

Custom 4x12 speaker with Celestion vintage 30 and Greenback speakers

And we've got a range of the amazing COOPERSONIC pedals, including the prototype of the fabulously named 'valveslapper' distortion. 

AC30 ball mics

Microphones include:

Australian 'BeezNeez' vocal mic - guaranteed to make your singing sound incredible

Shure SM7

AKG Solidtube

Octava 319 Michael Joly Custom

Sennheiser E602

Shure SM58s

Shure SM57s

Shure SM57A

Telefunken M80

EV RE11 retro mic

Golden Age Projects R1 Active mk3 Ribbon mic

Octava 319s
Sennheiser MD421s
BLUE ball mics
Sansamp bass preamp
Custom built sub-kick drum mic

Plus loads of decent headphones, all the cables you need etc – and a theramin

Gear for hire

We have Marshall heads and cabs, Vox AC30, Musicman Stingray bass guitar and various other guitars and useful stuff available for hire at sensible rates – just ask.