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Hearing is believing

Our friends

At Random, we're committed to doing our bit to getting Nottingham recognised as the inspiring, creative and connected centre of the universe.

Too ambitious? Not with the help of these amazing people it's not! Please support them and love them - just like we do.


Coopersonic Valveslapper

Coopersonic is an independent Nottingham based company run by musicians to make sonically sound pedals and effects for musicians.

They make hand built quality effects at affordable prices, which bring together vintage and modern technology.

We've had the prototype Valveslapper and Dirtbox pedals for a while now. Both are much loved by our bands - as well as the Arctic Monkeys, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, Ronnie Wood, legendary producer John Leckie and others.

Find out more at www.coopersonic.com.


HotRox Logo

We're just up the road from our friends at Hotrox.

It's a treasure trove of boutique pedals and valves from around the world - plus guitars, guitar strings, speakers, pickups, accessories and amplifier parts to fix almost anything.

Find out more about this amazing shop here.

Millennium Music


Millennium Music started in Nottingham in 1992, and we couldn't live without them. Suppliers of almost every available bit of digital recording kit you could ever want or need, as well as loads of other essential stuff - and very nice, helpful, 'no pressure' people too.

Find out more here.

Music Inn

Music Inn

Music Inn has been a Nottingham institution since 1919. It's a family-run business, with a reputation built on service and good old fashioned family values, outstanding service and quality stock.

The folks that work there are all musicians themselves, and are happy to give you impartial advice. Four huge showrooms, fully air conditioned, packed full of the latest gear and accessories. They'll fix and set up your guitars too.

Find out more.

Swound Live

Swound! do their SlipKnot thing...

Venues, gigs and getting them....

The bands we work with are not just recording artists - most are active on the Nottingham music scene, and further afield too. We've got some of the country's greatest venues, from the iconic Rock City to the BodegaRescue Rooms, Spanky Van Dykes and many more.

Our engineers are often to be found behind the mixing desks at these places.

Of course if you want to play at any of these you need to know who to talk to. Talk to Will Robinson and his magnificent I'm Not From London team. If you want to get a gig, start here. Find INFL on Facebook. Or speak to our friend Anton or Dan and team at DHP - they manage Dog is Dead and others.... We might even recommend you, if you're good enough...

Nottingham culture

Nottingham Contemporary
Left Lion

Our city has some of the best cultural institutions in the country - not just in music, but in art, theatre, cinema and journalism. Here are just a few of our favourites - please support them so we can help make Nottingham the cultural heartbeat of the nation!

Left Lion

Simply the greatest arts and culture magazine you'll ever read - and it's free too! They've been kind enough to say nice things about us before - we're very happy to return the favour. Essential reading, both in print and online.

Nottingham Contemporary

A wonderful space in the Lace Market, featuring regularly changing and challenging modern art. It's got a great cafe bar to hang out in too. Find out what's on.

Broadway Media Centre

THE place to watch proper films, start and run a creative business or just meet other like minded souls in the bar. (You'll often find us in there, using the free wifi....)