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Hearing is believing

Our philosophy

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Our mission is to give you:

A great space that inspires you to play better
A producer who listens – and knows how to get your best
A final product you can be proud of – equal to anything in your collection.

We’ve all paid for expensive studios, arrogant engineers and average results. We thought we could do better.

Here you’ll find a relaxed environment where you can focus entirely upon your music. No distractions, no interruptions.

There’s nothing worse than ‘red light syndrome’, when you’re too busy watching the clock ticking to concentrate on playing your best. So we charge by the day, not by the hour. 

If you’ve not recorded before you’ll get the same attention and care, from the same top producers, as a band like Dog is Dead making an album for a multi-national record label.


Producer: Guy Elderfield

Guy has been a producer and engineer for more than 20 years. Either live or in studio he's worked with some of the biggest bands.

If you saw the Libertines on their rise to fame, that was Guy behind the desk. He's toured the world with bands like all-girl American rock act The Donnas, and worked in arenas and at festivals from Americia to Europe and Australia.

He produced all Dog is Dead's early work and the majority of their debut album 'All our favourite stories' on Atlantic records. 

"If you don't know Guy, you don't know the music scene" - Left Lion magazine

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Hearing is believing