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Hearing is believing


An historic building taken over by miles of cable, acoustic treatments, big doors and the latest technology.

Liveroom 4

Every room is acoustically treated. Every room has a different sound.

Downstairs there’s plenty of space for a band to set up in the main room.

Upstairs there’s the latest digital technology married with the best old school amps and tubes.

What you can't see is miles of wires allowing anything to be connected to anything else effortlessly. So leave you're amp downstairs, crank it up, and play in the control room if you want...

Outside there's free off-street secure parking, 24/7 access, and loads of places to get food and drink within a minute's walk (including Greggs, Subway, KFC and Burger King). 

Learn more about the LIVE area, CONTROL room and how we help you RELAX.

Want to know why the best bands record here? Visit our MEDIA and ALUMNI pages.